The presales productivity platform

Hub provides the platform to help sales engineering leaders and individual contributors, with their daily work, to win more business.

Technical Sales

The hub of sales

Presales professionals are key to the company’s success. Hub was created for you!

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Firefighters, Presales and Sales Engineering: What the C-Suite Needs to Know

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Is A Personalized Technical Sales Platform Right For Your Company?

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Hub PreSales Tool Included In Nancy Nardin Top 2021 Sales Tool of the Year 2021

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Remote sales done better

Virtual technical selling requires a more streamlined way of engaging with internal and external stakeholders.


Be smarter

Work as a team with the right experts in your team and repeat what is known to win.


Be faster

Establish product value faster than your competition to win the business.


Be efficient

Understand where to spend the effort that will give you the greatest amount of value.


Be the trusted advisor

Provide valuable information so your buyer can select you above the competition.


Be better

Demonstrate and prove superior value to your buyer above the competition.


Be responsive

Respecting your buyers sense of urgency can distinguish you from the pack.


Be the winner

Give yourself an edge to get the win in your technical sales motion.


Choose a smarter, faster and better way to win business