Technical sales is the hub of your go to market organization

Help your C-Suite and Board obtain better oversight

Hub provides data that does not get captured by CRMs and general productivity apps.

  • Detailed tech sales metrics
  • Rationalize investments
  • Show tech sales activities
  • Optimize your resources

Enable your CRO and CSO to drive more growth

Chief Revenue Officer
Customer Success Officer
  • Increased win rate
  • Opportunity hand off
  • Improved forecasting
  • Ensuring engagement

Satisfy CFO and Sales Operations control

Sales Operations
Chief Financial Officer
  • Comply with security
  • Deliver granular ROI
  • Adhere to their processes
  • Contextualize investments

Help your CPO and VPE deliver the right solution

Chief Product Officer
Vice President of Engineering
  • Narrow the gap to win
  • Identify critical blockers
  • Map priorities to revenue
  • Contextualize dev sprints

Utilize Hub to win more business.